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A Beginner's Guide To A Brand New Corset

Step 1: Confirm proper fit

1. Pull the two sides of your corset until the laces are loose enough to where you can easily close the front clasps once you put it on.

2. Alternating between top and bottom, pull the laces starting at the top until you can comfortable fit 2 fingers in when fully laced. Wear your new corset this loose for the first 2 days. 

3. Check that you are able to tie a bow at your natural waistline.

Step 2: Make sure you are comfortable

Check for any signs of discomfort or shortness of breath. If you experience any of these symptoms please reach out to your doctor and verify that you are in good condition to start your waist training journey. After receiving the "OK" from your doctor and you are still experiencing negative symptoms, please reach out to us HERE.

Step 3: Seasoning

Seasoning your corset is a crucial step in your waist training journey. Seasoning a.k.a breaking in your corset, allows for the steel-bones to mold to your body, similar to "breaking in" a new pair of shoes".  Follow the steps below to help ensure you properly break-in your new corset.

Step 1

Loosen the lacing completely, so that it fits comfortably and loose around your waist. Buckle the clasps in front. The corset should be loose enough for you to be able to spin it around your waist.


Step 2

If unable to get a second person to assist with lacing, we would suggest using a mirror. With your back facing the mirror, (looking as you would to zip up a dress), pull each lace', alternating between top and bottom until the corset fits nice and snug on your waist. For example, the top 'X', then the bottom 'X' and so forth, until you meet in the middle. CORSET SHOULD NOT BE TIGHTLY LACED. To determine if you preformed this step correctly, you should be able to fit a few fingers in between the corset and your waist.


Step 3

For the first 3 days, your goal should be to wear your corset for 1-2 hours per day to allow for the corset to properly mold to your shape. 


Step 4

Now that your corset is nicely seasoned, feel free to lace it up as tight as it will go. It is very important to know that due to the level of compression provided by our corsets, the first few wears may feel tight. Luckily, your body will soon become accustomed to it fairly quickly. 




Please consult with your doctor before embarking on your waist training journey. Stop wearing immediately if you start to feel pain, experience shortness of breath or discomfort beyond what was experienced in the first few wears of fully tightened corset.

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