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How To Take Your Measurements

To help find the best fit, use the guide below to collect your measurements to use along with the size guide provided here

Step 1: Underbust

Measure the area where your bra band sits. To do this, take a measurement tape around your ribcage and underneath your breasts. 

Step 2: Natural Waist
Natural waist .JPG

Take the measuring tape around the bottom of your ribcage, around 1" above your belly button. This should be the point where your body bends when you bend from side to side.

Step 3: Upper Hip
Upper Hip.JPG

Your upper hip is the area where you should feel your hip bone. This would be below your belly button right above where your body bends when you are seated.

Still Unsure?

Use the Corset Sizing Tool below to get a personalized recommendation and detailed waist training plan.

corst sizing tool
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